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Many people move across the country, with so much movement and chaos around, mistakes are bound to happen. Finding a perfect mover itself is a matter of good luck. You must factor in a few considerations before hiring a quality mover and avoiding any shoddy services. 

Tips for Hiring Cross Country Movers in South Gate

Given underneath are some top tips to hire the right movers:

1. Moving Inventory

A seasoned mover will take an inventory of all your possessions in the first place either through a personal visit or even take account of all the things through a virtual survey. One such firm is South Gate Cross Country Movers. You might want to consider their services. 

You should also know that the significant part of the cost is estimated by weighing your bulkier items like bed, couch, ac, refrigerator, etc., and how much place all your stuff occupies in the mover’s truck. This estimation is usually very close to the actual cost. 

2. Get a Thorough Walk-Through

Movers and packers take a thorough account of the things you plan to load on their truck, so be very sure of the items you want to carry to your new home. A good estimator makes a good list of such things only; he doesn’t consider the things you want to sell or leave behind. If he does a quick walk-through and gives you a rough estimation, then you should consider hiring someone else. 

3. Don’t Make Upfront Payment or a Larger Advance Deposit

Generally, the reputable movers and packers don’t ask for any upfront payments or huge advance payment. If you pay a part of it in advance and hold a significant portion of the total cost with you, you will have better control over things. Using a credit card to pay can safeguard you against fraudulent activities. 

4. Avoid Moving Companies with a Name Switch

Some firms operate with different names to avoid assessment by the Better Business Bureau. You should make sure that the company shares its details such as licensing, insurance, and a local address. When you make a phone call, its employees respond with the full company name. You should also check their federal license number and ensure that no other company exists with the same business name. Look for their reviews online. Additionally, you can call the Federal Motor Safety Administration at 888-368-7238 – consumer complaints hotline number to find out about the company’s track records. 

5. Get References on Movers

You can seek your friends and relatives for references. Alternatively, get a list of reliable movers from consultants like the American Moving and Storage Association and Movers State Associations. Don’t forget to ask your mover to share testimonies of at least three of their customers who hired their services in the last three months.

6. Avoid packing costs

You can avoid packing costs by packing your stuff yourself. However, in such a scenario, the mover will not be responsible for any damage or breakage. If you let the mover pack your stuff, you will pay more, but it will be significantly less toiling and safer. Do consider the packer’s experience. Make sure everything is packed and labeled correctly. 

7. Beware of Extra Fees

If you live on the first floor and move to a 12’th floor apartment or vice-versa, the mover can charge you extra, or the street you are moving to is narrow, and the mover’s utility van may not fit? Then again, be prepared to pay extra. Choke out all the additional costs beforehand in your case. 

8. Avoid a Blank Moving Contract

Do not sign any blank contract. Get all the terms and conditions written down on a legal document, including the list of items, fees, and pick-up, delivery dates. Make sure to read the contract thoroughly and that all your items are listed there. You can’t claim for the things that were not on the inventory list after the driver leaves. Make sure to check everything before you sign on the papers. 

9. Don’t Accept the “Guaranteed” Quote.

Don’t sign any contract that binds you to pay overage on your estimated cost, contracts that require you to pay a fixed amount for any additional services availed, or a contract that binds you to pay an assured amount not exceeding 10% of the estimated cost. 

10. Moving insurance and valuation protection

All the movers and packers have to get their customers goods insured. You should be aware of the insurance policies and coverage. 

Full Value Protection

This is the best insurance plan that covers everything, which implies during the transition, if your goods are lost or damaged, the mover will either restore them to the original condition or pay for the damages, replace the lost article with the same type and quality or bear the cost of loss. 

Under this cover, movers can limit their liability to items of extraordinary value. An item is defined as extraordinary if its value is above $ 100 per pound, such as jewelry, silverware or chinaware, souvenirs, rugs, and electronics. You should ask your mover clearly if these items are covered in your contract or not?

No-Cost Option

Alternatively, this is the most reasonable protection. However, it provides significantly less protection. The movers are responsible for assuming the liability of up to 60% per pound per item. Claims for any loss or damage are cleared considering the weight per pound, multiplied by 60%. You should sign for a full value contract covering your delivery’s entire value rather than a no-cost option. 

Let’s Wrap Up

Moving your stuff can be a horrendous task, but if you do your homework well, and hire a seasoned mover, then you can embrace a new change in your life happily. Consider your friends’ and relatives’ references for the same, also look for recommendations from the American Moving and Storage Association and Movers State Associations. Do think through all the costs involved and the insurance coverage your mover provides you for a safer transition. 

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