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Johnson City Cross Country Movers

Is there a move to or from Johnson City, Tennessee, on your calendar? The first thing you should do is call LNL Movers at ☎ 855-235-5255 to start the process today!

Are you ready to set up your home in the heart of the South? Perhaps you’re going to leave eastern Tennessee and find a home in another part of the United States? Or maybe you’re going to take the big leap and move between Tennessee and Hawaii. It doesn’t matter where or why – all that matters is that you contact LNL Movers to help you make it happen.

Moving Services

LNL Movers is the experienced moving company trusted by more families across the U.S. For students, service members, families or professionals, LNL Movers is the partner you need to make your move swift and successful.

Interstate Moving

Long Distance Moving

LNL’s key to superior moving is our commitment to building the perfect moving plan for each customer. Whether you’re going to start school at Eastern Tennessee State or if you’re just heading out for the first day on a new job, we’ll provide the stress-free moving services you need to painlessly relocate anywhere in the United States. Other companies might use rented trucks and subcontracted employees, but LNL Movers operates their own fleet of vehicles, expertly trained employees and network of moving pros from coast to coast.


Packing & Unpacking

It’s not always the move that’s so difficult – it’s tedious process of packing and unpacking everything you own that can make a move seem like it lasts forever. When you need help at any stage, LNL Movers is ready to help you load or unload the boxes as necessary. Simply ask your moving representative and we’ll make sure that you get the help you need.



Sometimes you just need a bit of time between your new and old home, and our network of secure, climate-controlled storage units make it easy to accomplish. Simply let your moving representative know about your needs and we can store your belongings for a day, a week or even longer as necessary.

From the Santa Ynez mountains and back – There’s only one moving company to trust.

It doesn’t matter if you’re saying goodbye to the banks of Boone’s Creek or if you’re finally ready to settle into one of the most picturesque locations in the American South. For school, retirement and work, LNL Movers is the one name that will make your move easy, quick and efficient.

LNL Movers is standing by to build your free moving quote. Start planning your move today!

Why is LNL Movers the best?

Our superior planning makes all the difference

Our commitment to planning is at the heart of our success. Before anything goes into the truck, your LNL Movers representative has constructed a comprehensive scope of work that is built around your needs, budget and specific situation. We’ll work together with each client to make sure that we have the supplies, manpower and time to get your move executed safely, efficiently and on time. Before you set foot in Tennessee, we work to make sure that you understand every part of the process. And your plan also includes a detailed, guaranteed total so you’ll always know what your move is going to cost before it starts.

Guaranteed delivery dates

One of the essential components of your moving plan is your guaranteed delivery date. You will have the exact and day and time of arrival, making it easy to plan all the other tasks that a major move requires.

Safer every step of the way

Safety is our goal for every move. That means that we use the very best protective materials and packing supplies, and we make sure that every member of our LNL Movers team is fully trained and up to the task.
We want to protect your belongings, your home and your family like they were our own.

We stick to your budget

With LNL Movers, we customize the plan to your needs, and that includes your sticking to your budget as well. As we build your moving plan, you will know the costs at every step and you’ll see a guaranteed grand total before the process ever begins.
And at the end? No hidden fees or last-minute charges. We promise.

COVID-19 and Your Move

The pandemic has made all parts of our life more difficult, but it won’t stop us from delivering top-notch moving service. LNL Movers recognizes that every customer has a different comfort level for masks and social distancing and pandemic-related precautions, so ask your LNL Movers representative about pandemic safety during your move.

Call ☎ 855-235-5255 for a free quote today! The first step to a painless move? Call LNL Movers today.

Got Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at ☎ 855-235-5255. Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Are you insured?

LNL Movers carries industry-standard insurance covering approximately $0.60 per pound, extending to our vehicles, or staff, your home and belongings. Would you like more coverage? We encourage you to reach out to a third-party provider to add additional coverage that’s up to your comfort level.

There’s a timing issue and I can’t move into my new residence immediately. What should I do?

Don’t worry! LNL Movers maintains our own storage facilities that are secure and climate controlled, making it simple to store your belongings until the time is right. Contact your LNL Movers rep for more information.

I prefer to pack and unpack my own belongings. Can I still use LNL Movers?

We want to create a moving plan that works for you, so if you prefer to do the packing, simply tell your LNL Movers representative and we’ll make this a part of your plan.

Will you text me with updates or do I just wait for you to arrive?

Which would you prefer? We can arrange to inform you about our progress as often or as infrequently as you would like. Just let your LNL Movers representative know the timing and method (email, text, phone call, etc.) that works best for you.

About LNL Movers – Johnson City, TN

LNL Movers – Johnson City is the premier choice for full-service moving contractors to or from the Santa Barbara, California area. LNL Movers has a nationwide network with locations across the country, from coast to coast and north to south. Based in the heart of Texas, LNL Movers has been helping our clients relocate to locations near and far for years.

We value transparency, efficiency and safety, and we think that’s why we’re one of the highest-rated moving companies around.

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