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Santa Barbara Cross Country Movers

Is there a move to or from Santa Barbara, California, in your future? Call LNL Movers in Santa Barbara at ☎ 855-235-5255 to assist with your move today!

Are you ready to set up your home in the coastal city of Santa Barbara? Maybe you’re planning to move leave the foot of the Santa Ynez mountains and start over in another part of the United States? Or maybe it’s time to say goodbye to Santa Barbara County and head all the way across the ocean to Hawaii. Whether you’re coming or going, heading off to college or starting the next chapter in your career, LNL Movers knows how to help you get started right.

Moving Services

LNL Movers is the experienced moving company trusted by more families across the U.S.! LNL Movers knows exactly how to get you where you’re going, whether you’re a college student, armed services member, single employee or a whole family.

Interstate Moving

Long Distance Moving

LNL’s key to superior moving is our commitment ot having a moving plan. Whether you’re going to start school at UC Santa Barbara or if you’re starting a new job in our healthy tech industry, our unique approach to planning is how we’ll provide efficient, hassle-free moving services for clients all around the United States. When other companies are using rented trucks and subcontracted employees, you’ll enjoy how LNL Movers uses their own fleet of vehicles, expertly trained employees and network of professionals from coast to coast.


Packing & Unpacking

It’s not always the move that’s so difficult – it’s the packing and unpacking that takes up your time. With LNL Movers, our team of experts can help you pack and unpack your belongings, making it easier to stay on schedule and limit the stress of your move. Ask your moving representative for more information about LNL Movers’ packing services!



Scheduling can be an enormous source of stress in any move, mostly because it can be difficult to line up exit and entry dates from your new or old homes. What happens when your new address isn’t ready? With LNL Movers, you never have to worry, because we have a plan. LNL Movers owns and operates a network of secure, climate-controlled storage facilities and we can easily store your belongings for a day, a week, or even longer – until your new residence is ready. Let your LNL Movers representative know that you’re interested in our short or long-term storage options.

From the Santa Ynez mountains and backThere’s only one moving company to trust. It doesn’t matter if you’re saying goodbye to the Golden State or if you’re finally taking the plunge and moving to enjoy that sunshine and rolling terrain. For school, retirement and anything in between, LNL Movers is the friend you need to help make it as easy as possible.

Across the country or just outside of Santa Barbara County, LNL Movers is the only mover to call. LNL Movers can’t wait to help you build your free moving quote. Start planning your move today!

Why is LNL Movers the best?

1. Our superior planning makes all the difference.

The way that LNL Movers succeeds in every move is with our commitment to planning. Before anything goes into a box and before the truck ever shows up at your house, your LNL Movers representative has worked with you to plan out all the details with a comprehensive scope of work that is built around your needs, budget and specific situation. We’ll make sure that we know exactly what has to be done so that you’ll have the supplies, manpower and time to get your move executed safely, efficiently and on time. Before you set foot in Santa Barbara or wherever you plan to end up, you can be confident that you’ll understand every part of the process.
As part of your plan, we also show you exactly what your move is going to cost. With LNL Movers, there’s no hidden fees or last-minute charges.

2. Guaranteed delivery dates

As part of your comprehensive moving plan, LNL Movers will include guaranteed delivery dates so you can plan easily to get started in your new home.

We’ll work with you to find the best date and time to arrive, removing one more uncertainty from your next move.

3. Safer every step of the way

Safety for your belongings, your homes (both new and old) and for your family are priorities for LNL Movers. We use premium packing materials and supplies, and each of our staff members has been trained up to industry-best standards for safety and property protection. For short or long moves, you can trust LNL Movers to protect your belongings and your family.

4. We stick to your budget

It’s a point of pride with LNL Movers to make sure that our clients are never surprised with hidden fees or charges. We want to make sure that you always know exactly what you’re going to pay before we ever begin the moving process. Our customized moving plans are designed to work within your budget and make it easy to get your new life started anywhere in the Santa Barbara area or even around the country.

5. Still open during COVID-19

Are you worried that COVID-19 is going to make it impossible to move to Santa Barbara? LNL Movers provides industry-best moving services while recognizing that every customer has a different comfort level for masks and social distancing. Just ask your LNL Movers representative about how you’d like us to address pandemic safety during your move.

Call for a free quote today!

Contact your LNL Movers representative at ☎ 855-235-5255 and let’s begin building your custom moving plan today.

Got Questions?

Here are some questions we often hear:

Are you insured?

LNL Movers carries ample insurance, with our standard insurance covering approximately $0.60 per pound. This extends to our vehicles, or staff, your home and your belongings. If you prefer further or more comprehensive coverage, we recommend that you reach out to a third-party provider to add additional coverage. It is our sincere goal to make sure that insurance will never be a concern, but your peace of mind is what matters most, and we’re glad to discuss getting what you need.

What happens if my new residence isn’t going to be ready when I have to leave my current one?

That’s not a problem! LNL Movers maintains our own storage facilities. Each one is secure and climate controlled, making it just the right place to store your belongings in the interim. Contact your LNL Movers rep and they can work this into your customized moving plan.

Can I still use LNL Movers even if I want to pack and unpack my own belongings.

Your comfort is essential, so if you’d like to handle the packing and unpacking, that’s fine with us. Just let your representative know so we can work this into your moving plan.

How do you communicate with me while you’re in transit to my new home?

Just let us know how you would like to hear from us (email, text, phone call) and we’ll make that part of your plan. We’ll contact you as often or as little as you prefer – whatever works best for you.

About LNL Movers – Santa Barbara, California

LNL Movers – Santa Barbara is the premier choice for full-service moving contractors to or from the Santa Barbara, California area. LNL Movers has a nationwide network with locations across the country, from coast to coast and north to south. Based in Texas, LNL Movers has been helping our clients relocate to locations near and far for years.

We value transparency, efficiency and safety, and we think that’s why we’re one of the highest-rated moving companies around.

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