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Importance Of Good Movers When Relocating To A New City

Relocating is an overwhelming process as it is, not to mention the additional stress when this new home is in another city. The hassle of adjusting to the new neighborhood, the little known ways, and shifting necessary goods and furniture across worsens with distance.

Hiring an efficient moving company is a good way to get that one errand off of your to-do list. It reduces the overall strain, leaving you and your family with enough time to focus on other important stuff than packing, safely carrying a ton of boxes, as well as unboxing them later. Search for service in your region, e.g., moving companies in Northridge and the internet displays a bunch of moving companies to choose from at an affordable price range.
But trusting any moving company with the goods and their safety is not a smart move, especially when it’s long-distance. The following article brings everything one must bear in mind while looking for the right movers.

Plan The Move

Planning the moving schedule and everything related is not a day’s job. A lot of thought goes into preparing to move with a proper set of measures and active dealing before contacting or even thinking of hiring the movers.

Know What’s Important

You do not wish to carry the stuff across the country and pay for the shipping to then find the item unnecessary. Only bring things that hold value and donate the rest to the local shelter (the ones you no longer need).

Know Your Budget

Moving leans on the slightly expensive side. While there are undeniably expenses of renting or buying a new home and other in-house setups, other less talked about costs like packaging material required, etc., will not leave your wallet heavy. Space and costs moving per item can hugely impact the budget, so ensure you have a checklist.

Know the Space

Moving something delicate and as large as a piano will need you to have proper spacing for carrying it in and out. Furthermore, the equipment required for the process is another deciding factor on whether or not it is cost-effective to hire a professional for the task.

Know the valuables

The antiques, among other valuable goods like artworks, need extra attention and care. Ensuring safe packaging is critical while handling these delicate items.

Know the Dates

Knowing the exact day of moving and arriving will help you plan the arrangements accordingly. Factors like availability of a certain resource, the weather, among others, also play a role in deciding the fate of your expected arrival timings.

The Importance of Movers

Though moving the items personally may seem tempting and much cost-effective, it is not. The amount of stress and preventive measures in keeping the goods undamaged while packing, loading, carrying, unloading, and unboxing messes the mental and physical health, not to mention the already hectic schedule and related anxiety.
Unlike local relocations, the number of hours spent traveling, the required transport facilities, and the ease of handling and driving them across make the entire process much more intricate.

Selecting a good moving company will reduce the pressure by ensuring safe and secure transportation for all kinds of stuff. Some professional services even offer additional benefits like storage space, unpacking facilities, and all the necessary equipment, basically fulfilling every requirement and more.

Selecting A Good Moving Company

There are a number of companies offering the service out there, but are they reliable? What about the costs? And time? Check the list below and make sure the company you hire tick all the mentioned requirements before making the final decision.

Reviews and Trustworthiness

Nobody wants to deal with frauds or compromise on their goods’ safety, especially when the market is no short on such companies. Entrusting the right people for the task for this long journey must be of utmost importance.
Online reviews and personal recommendation by people who’ve had similar experiences is a great way to reach the right service. The rankings, upvotes, and comments tell a lot about a company, and people with bad experiences are most likely to put up their views.

Many companies demand extra payment out of the blue, holding your goods hostage, while others are lousy at handling items, have a nasty attitude, or simply delay the whole process. These issues might not be of much trouble when dealing with local relocations but grow imperative with distance.


Do not miss checking the necessary legal documentation and license the company holds. Crossing to the other city requires them to have a proper permit and license for carrying those heavy items. Do thorough research before finalizing. Most of the below-mentioned information is readily available on the company’s website; if not, ensure you ask for it. Some of the essential documents include –

  • Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number (companies before 1995)
  • United States Department of Transportation number
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration registration
  • State-regulated insurance card


The number of years in the profession makes you a pro at it, and the same goes for the moving companies. It directly speaks for their way of implementation, their authority, and how credible the service is. They most certainly have a professional way of handling stuff and experience dealing with all sorts of issues coming their way.
An experienced company will know its way around things. The proper route, the connections, and the availability of required gear are additional benefits of hiring such people. Though it doesn’t promise the best service, it is better than handing the responsibility to someone with no assurance whatsoever.

The Services Offered and Costs

Choose a company depending on the tasks you wish to assign to them. The packages and facilities offered vary depending on the company you chose and the cost factor. While some companies might offer unpackaging and special gears, others do not, and so on.

Before selecting a company, finalize the requirements and discuss them along with the charges. Know that the costs of relocation depend and vary with several factors like –

• The location within the city.
• The size and weight of the shipment.
• The need for temporary storage space ( per day costs may vary)
• Delivery dates and obligatory shipping time.
• The requirement of shuttle service.

Insurance Policies

No matter how careful, there’s always a risk of goods getting damaged along the way, more so when traveling a long distance. Claiming a replacement or compensation for the items that have gone missing or are damaged is made efficient and straightforward with an insurance policy at hand.

Apart from the free essential protection offered with each contract, it is smart to book third party insurance, especially if you have loads of fragile and valuable goods to ship. An assured and bonded company will always do a better job at handling and keeping the goods secure.

Either way, choose a company that offers special transporting techniques, well equipped and secure transporting
vehicles, protected packaging, temperature-controlled storage facilities, and adequate staffing.

Mode of payment and Cancellation policies

Check beforehand if the company requires you to deposit advance payments or not, the mode of payments they accept, and the additional charges, if any.

Unexpected charges and refusing particular payment options will create problems later on; therefore, it is better to discuss them before signing the contract to avoid any disagreement.

The cancellation policy is yet another factor to cross-check; however unlikely to cancel the plan may seem. Different companies have different approaches; some may offer cashback while others do have their specific cancellation charges depending on the loss they had to face.

Tracking and Customized Services

Knowing where the shipment reached and how much longer it will take them to deliver the goods is imperative. The goods delivery time lets you plan the unloading and arrange other resources likewise. Though some companies allow you to track the shipment through their websites or by other apps, contacting the agent personally to verify the location through calls or texts is yet another option one always has.

Customization of services offered brings ease to the whole process. You are confident that the process will flow smoothly and therefore remain stress-free. Ask the company in question if they provide customization services and detail them.

In-house inspection is also an excellent way to notice the problem that might arise and arrange everything from gear to packaging accordingly.


Relocating to a brand new city with new people and unfamiliar grounds is not easy. The nostalgia and blues of leaving the previous home are made better when around household items that make this new home lively.
To ensure that these belongings reach safely, one must choose reliable and credible movers. Picking the right people and cross-checking the items and services they offer before signing a contract will give you much-needed peace of mind amidst the chaos. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind while finding the perfect moving company fitting all your requirements.

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