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Bend Cross Country Movers

Are you moving to or from Bend, Oregon? Call LNL Movers in Bend to simplify your move today!

Moving Services in Bend

Are you looking for a home in central Oregon? Maybe you’re planning to move away from Eastern Cascades to another part of the country? Or maybe you’re considering leaving your home in Deschutes County and you’re planning a move to the other side of the continent, or maybe even to Hawaii! Whether you’re settling down or moving on, starting a new career or embarking on a new chapter in your life, LNL Movers is the right choice for making this move.

For retirees, professionals, college students, military personnel and families, LNL Movers is the experienced moving company you’ve been looking for. We have spent years specializing in moving families across the continental United States! Wherever you plan on going, LNL Movers will get you there.

Long-Distance Moving

Don’t let the mileage scare you! LNL Movers has years of experience moving our customers from one side of the continent to the other. Whether you’re moving for school, for work, or if you’ve just decided to retire in central Oregon, you’ll get to take advantage of our industry-best planning for an efficient, hassle-free moving experience anywhere in the U.S.

Packing & Unpacking

When you hire a pro team like LNL Movers, you’re guaranteed to get a team of experienced packers that are ready to undertake the most time-consuming part of the process – the actual packing. Each team member is thoroughly trained to pack and protect your belongings, so they will most certainly arrive in the same condition in which they left. When you need it done quickly and safely, you need the packing pros at LNL Movers.


It’s not uncommon for our customers to move out of one house before their new home is ready. What do we do when that happens? It’s easy! LNL Movers owns and operates secure, climate-controlled storage facilities where we can have your possessions stored until it’s time to move in. Talk to your LNL Movers representative and we can offer all the time and flexibility you need for a smooth, effortless move.

From the Northwest and back – There’s only one moving company to trust.

If you’re moving to start school at the Cascades Campus of Oregon State University, retire to one of the greenest states in the Union, or if you’re looking for an affordable commute to your job in Portland or even Northern California, you’ll be able to move confidently knowing that LNL Movers is your friend on the ground.

When LNL Movers handles all the logistics and transportation, you can focus on the adventure in front of you while we turn a cross-country move into a simple, everyday experience.

Call LNL Movers today and start building a quote for your next move! It’s free, so why wait?

Why are we the best?

We plan every step of the way

LNL Movers stands apart from the competition because of our detailed, customized moving plans. We approach each move as unique endeavor, building a comprehensive plan designed specifically to meet that customer’s needs, situation, and budget. We go over our plans thoroughly to make sure that nothing is missed and that our customers can have full confidence at every step. We map every detail, prepare the required manpower and supplies, and give ourselves the tools to move you out safely, quickly, and efficiently. It doesn’t matter how far the move is, because we plan every single step.

Would you like more transparency? Our comprehensive moving plan also includes every cost up front, so there are never any surprise fees or extra, hidden charges.

Guaranteed delivery dates

Other movers will leave you wondering when they’re going to show up, but LNL Movers will always be right where they need to be, when they say they’re going to be there. Part of our comprehensive moving plan is ensuring that we schedule exact arrival times. You’ve got a lot to plan, and LNL Movers is going to be one component that you can count on.

Safer every step of the way

When we’re packing, loading, shipping, unloading – protecting your home, your belongings and your family is our primary goal. We use the best packing materials and protective supplies and each of our team members receives a full and thorough safety training. You expect that your belongings arrive exactly as they were packed, and we’re the moving company that can make that happen.

We stick to your budget

Hidden fees? Not with LNL Movers. Lots of companies surprise their customers with hidden charges or last-minute fees, but with LNL Movers, you know exactly the cost up-front. Your moving plan is designed to stick to your budget so you know precisely how much it will cost to go to or from your home in Bend, Oregon.

Still open during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way we do things, but LNL Movers is still committed to helping you have the smooth, efficient moving process that you need. Get in touch with your LNL Movers representative and discuss your needs regarding sanitization, masking or social distancing during your move.

Call for a free quote today!

Ready to get started? Call today and one of our LNL Movers representatives can help you start building your customized moving plan.

Got Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at Bend, Oregon (877) 208-5637 or drop us an email.

Many of our customers have questions about the following:

Are you insured?

Of course! LNL Movers’ standard insurance covers approximately $0.60 per pound. For complete coverage, you may wish to add a third-party insurer. If this is the level of coverage you need, we fully understand. Just let your representative know and we can make sure you have the information you need to get the coverage that gives you peace of mind.

I’m moving, but I don’t have a residence yet. Is that a problem?

This happens all the time and we know what to do! Just let your LNL Movers representative know and we can schedule your belongings for storage in one of our secured, climate-controlled storage facilities. We can work this into your plan so that you don’t have to worry about changing dates for closings or leases.

I prefer to pack my own things. Can I still use LNL Movers?

Of course! We understand, and we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate your moving process. Just let your LNL Movers representative know and we’ll make this a part of your customized moving plan. Your peace of mind is priority, and if there’s anything we can do to make that possible, just let us know.

Once the truck is loaded and you leave for my new home, when will I hear from you?
Whenever you want! Every customer has different needs, so when we’re building your moving plan, be sure to let us know how when you would like us to update you on our status. We can call, text or email as much or as little as you would like.

About LNL Movers – Bend, Oregon

LNL Movers – Bend is your full-service moving company for any long-distance move, to or from the central Oregon area. Our nationwide network of moving professionals has your moving needs covered from San Diego to the tip of Maine. Based out of Texas, LNL Movers has been helping families move across the country and even across the ocean for years.

Our core values of professionalism, transparency, and efficiency have helped us build our reputation as one of our industry’s highest-rated long-distance moving companies.

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