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Salt Lake City Cross Country Movers

Are you planning a long-distance move to or from Salt Lake City, Utah? Call LNL Movers in Salt Lake City to simplify your move today!

Moving Services

Are you ready to start your new life in the picturesque seat of Utah? Perhaps you’re moving to start school at BYU. Maybe you’re moving to Utah to take advantage of all the activities the nearby mountains have to offer. Or you might just be ready to make a long-distance move away from Utah and you’re looking for a moving company. LNL Movers is your local choice when it comes to making a major move into an easy transition. For students, professionals, families or even retirees – your next move starts with LNL Movers.

Long-Distance Moving

You may be going a long way, but the miles don’t have to turn into a huge headache. LNL Movers has a fleet of privately owned vehicles, a team that’s trained, professional and eager to help, and a system that will make your move easier than you ever imagined. We also offer short- and long-term options to make it easy to relocate between residences. Don’t rent a truck and try to do it all yourself when LNL Movers can put their expertise, manpower and network of experienced locals to work for you.

Packing & Unpacking

Packing and unpacking your belongings can be the most time-consuming part of any move. Let LNL Movers give you a hand! Our team of moving pros is trained and equipped with the materials and equipment necessary to help you get your home packed up safely and efficiently. Ready to see how easy packing up everything in your house can be? LNL Movers is ready to show you how it’s done.

Short- and Long-term Storage Options

Temporary storage can make any move easier. When you have to leave your old residence but your new one isn’t quite ready, you don’t have to worry. LNL Movers operates a network of privately owned storage facilities that can store your belongings for a day, a week or even longer if necessary. Each facility is secure and climate-controlled, so you can be confident that your belongings are in good hands before they’re back in your home. Ask your LNL Movers representative about storage options for your next move.

From Utah to either coast or anywhere in between

Whether you’re relocating to one of America’s most historic frontier cities or if you’re about to start your freshman year at Utah University, LNL Movers is the moving company you can trust. We have a local office right here in Salt Lake City with a team of professionals on the ground that are experts in this area and know exactly what you need to get you smoothly in or out of your residence.

Across the country or outside of Utah, LNL Movers is the only mover to call. Start planning your move today! Call us and we’ll build a free quote.

Why are we the best?

LNL Movers knows that planning makes all the difference.

Our approach to thorough, customized planning is what makes LNL Movers the ideal choice for anyone thinking about making a long-distance move. Before you see a single cardboard box, we work closely with you to create a comprehensive and customized moving plan that is built around your schedule, budget and specific moving needs. The reason these plans are so successful is that you will have a complete picture of the entire moving procedure prior to Day 1. You’ll understand the schedule, the process, the supplies we’ll use and most importantly, you’ll understand the complete cost of the move. This level of transparency is why LNL Movers’ customers rave about the ease of their long-distance, cross-country moves.

Your delivery date is guaranteed

When LNL Movers builds your customized moving plan and schedule – we stick to it. Any move can be difficult. There are all sorts of moving parts and scheduling can be a pain. We promise that when LNL Movers says that your truck will arrive at a certain time, you can count on us being there. Talk to your LNL Movers representative about your moving plan and schedule and we’ll pick the right time to unload your belongings into your new home.

Safer every step of the way

Safety is a priority, whether it’s for your home or your possessions. That’s why LNL Movers’ team members are fully trained in the best techniques and equipped with the materials and supplies necessary for each move. When LNL Movers is handling your relocation, you can be confident that your belongings will arrive on time – and in great shape.

We stick to your budget

The cost of a moving service is an important element – and we understand how valuable your resources are.
LNL Movers promises that you’ll know the precise figure you’ll be charged before your move ever begins. As we build your customized moving plan, we’ll be sure to take your budget into account, so you don’t have to worry about surprise fees or sticker-shock at the end.

Still open during COVID-19

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our lives have changed, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t execute an efficient, long-distance move. Discuss your needs for health and safety precautions with your LNL Movers representative and we’ll make sure that you have peace of mind from door to door. Whether it’s masks, gloves or no-contact moving, LNL Movers is ready to deliver our reliable service you can be comfortable with.

Call for a free quote today!

Let’s start building your customized moving plan today! Contact LNL Movers and one of our experienced representatives will help you get started.

Got Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at (877) 622-4224 or drop us an email at

Here are a few questions you might have about LNL Movers:

What sort of insurance do you carry?

LNL Movers carries industry-standard insurance policies with a coverage rate of $0.60 per pound. Would you like more comprehensive coverage? In that case, we recommend enlisting the services of a third-party provider to add the additional coverage you need. Our number-one goal is to make sure that insurance will never be something you have to use, but we always support whatever decision you choose. Talk to your LNL Movers representative for more information.

My new home isn’t available when I plan to leave my old residence. Do I have to change my schedule?

Not at all! LNL Movers operates a network of secure, climate-controlled storage facilities that are available to give your belongings a short- or long-term home. Your moving crew will transfer your belongings to one of these facilities, and they’ll move them to your new home when the time is right. Ask your LNL Movers representative about our flexible storage options.

Can I use LNL Movers even if I prefer to pack my own belongings?

That’s no problem! Just let your LNL Movers representative know this as we work to build your plan. If you need supplies, we can also make sure that you have everything you need, even if you’re handling the packing duties on your own.

How will I get status updates while you’re on the road?

We can text, email or call you while we’re enroute to your home. Just tell your LNL Movers represent how often you would like updates and how often you want to receive them.

About LNL Movers – Salt Lake City, Utah

LNL Movers – Salt Lake City is your best choice for a full-service moving company when it comes to long-distance moves to or from the Salt Lake City, Utah area. LNL Movers’ nationwide network reaches from coast to coast, north to south. From our corporate headquarters in Texas, LNL Movers has been the moving company of choice for families, professionals, students and servicemen and women for many years.

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