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Boise Cross Country Movers

Are you moving to or from Boise, Idaho? Call LNL Movers in Boise to simplify your move today!

Moving Services

Are you looking for a home or office near the Boise River? Maybe you’re planning to move away from southwest Idaho to another part of the state or country? Or maybe you’re relocating your home in Ada County and you’re planning a move to Hawaii. No matter if you’re coming or going, Boise LNL Movers is the right choice for any move.

LNL Movers is an experienced moving company specializing in moving families across the continental United States and beyond! For retirees, professionals, college students, military personnel and families, LNL Movers will get you there.

Long-Distance Moving

The entire LNL Movers team is ready to work with you to build a plan to simplify and de-stress the moving process from start to finish. Whether you’re moving for school, for work, or if you’re being reassigned to or from Mountain Home Air Force Base, industry-best planning is how we’re able to provide efficient, hassle-free moving services anywhere in the U.S. We own all our trucks and facilities and we never subcontract you out to a third-party. From start to finish, we’re here to get the job done.

In-state Moves

Short, in-state moves should be easier than a long move, and easy enough to do yourself, right? Perhaps, but when you trust the experience of a short-distance mover like LNL Movers, you’ll never have to find out how hard a DIY move can be. We can help you move from Boise to Moscow, Pocatello to Coeur d’Alene or anywhere within the Gem State. Every one of our services, from packing, to loading, transport, and even unpacking, can make your in-state move into a pain-free affair anywhere in Idaho.

Packing & Unpacking

One of the perks of hiring a pro team like LNL Movers is that you get a team of experienced packers to take care of one of the most time-consuming parts of the move. Each member of our team is professionally trained in the best way to pack and protect your belonging, so you can be confident that your belonging will arrive in the same condition in which they left. These packing pros have seen it all and they’re ready to get you loaded and unloaded quickly and safely.


There are times when schedules don’t line up and you need a place to store your belongings before your new residence is ready. LNL Movers can hold your possessions securely in a climate-controlled facility until you’re ready to move in. Talk to your LNL Movers representative and we can offer all the time and flexibility necessary. LNL Movers will safely and efficiently get you in and out of the storage facility when the time is right. These aren’t rented facilities – the climate-controlled storage sites used by LNL Movers are owned and operated by our company.

From the Northwest and back – There’s only one moving company to trust. If you’re moving to start school at Boise State University, be closer to your job in state government, or possibly just retiring to one of the most lush, affordable states in the Union, you’ll be able to move confidently knowing that LNL Movers is your friend on the ground.

When LNL Movers handles all the logistics and transportation, you can focus on the adventure in front of you while we turn a cross-country move into a simple, everyday experience. Across the country or just outside of Ada County, LNL Movers is the only mover to call.

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Why are we the best?

We plan every step of the way

The foundational principle that sets LNL Movers apart is our moving plan. We build a comprehensive plan with each customer that’s customized to their needs, situation and budget. Our plans make sure that nothing is missed and that our customers know what to expect at every stage during the move. We map out the details, determine the required manpower and supplies, and prepare ourselves to move you out safely, quickly, and efficiently from one home and into another. Before you arrive in or depart the great state of Idaho you can be confident of how the process will unfold.

Our comprehensive moving plan has no hidden costs, so you know exactly what to budget every step of your move. Does any other moving company offer that level of transparency?

Guaranteed delivery dates

Your moving plan includes precise dates and times, and LNL Movers will stick to them. We’ll work with you to determine the best time to arrive and unload. Moving can be complicated, especially trying to coordinate schedules from across the state or country. You can count on LNL Movers to be there at the pre-arranged time. Just talk to your LNL Movers representative for more details.

Safer every step of the way

LNL Movers uses industry-best safety measures at every step – packing, loading, shipping, unloading – making sure everything is done right is our primary goal. Everything we use from high-quality packing materials to protective supplies is built to withstand every bump on the road. You’ll never need to worry about an unpleasant unboxing when you reach your destination. For in-state or trans-continental moves, you can count on safety for your property, your home and your family.

We stick to your budget

There are no hidden fees or charges with LNL Movers. Surprise expenses seem like part of life during a move, but when you make a moving plan with LNL Movers, you know exactly the cost up-front. We’ll build a moving plan that sticks to your budget using our expert know-how and industry-best skills to get you set up anywhere in Boise, Idaho or around the country.

Still open during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life for everyone, but LNL Movers is still ready to help provide industry-best moving services. We work hard to be respectful of your personal safety and needs for social distancing. If you’d like to know more about what we’re doing or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Got Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at 855-235-5255 or drop us an email at info@lnlmovers.

Here are some questions our customers often have:

Are you insured?

Absolutely! LNL Movers’ standard insurance covers approximately $0.60 per pound. If you prefer full coverage, we recommend arranging a third-party insurer before your move. We take every possible precaution to ensure that insurance will never be a concern, but we understand that you may want the extra peace of mind that insurance provides.

I’m moving, but I don’t have a residence yet. Is that a problem?

It’s no problem! This sort of situation pops up all the time, and we’ve got a plan. LNL Movers maintains our own storage facility that can easily accommodate your things until your new residence is ready. Just let your LNL Movers rep know about your situation and we can definitely make the necessary arrangements.

I prefer to pack my own things. Can I still use LNL Movers?

Of course. Just inform your LNL Movers so we can work that into the logistics of your move. We want you to move with comfort and confidence, and we’re glad to help make that happen any way we can.

Once the truck is loaded and you leave for my new home, when will I hear from you?

LNL Movers will keep you posted about the status of your move, either by phone, text, or email. Let your LNL Movers rep know how often you would like updates and your preferred method of communication and we’ll make sure you are kept in the loop. If you have any questions at any time, all you need to do is call.

About LNL Movers – Boise, Idaho

LNL Movers – Boise is a full-service moving company specializing in short or long-distance moves to or from the Boise, Idaho area. LNL Movers has a nationwide network with locations across the country, from Honolulu to Miami. Based out of Texas, LNL Movers has been helping families move across the country and even across the ocean for years.

Our operations are built on professionalism, transparency, and efficiency. We take pride in being one of the highest-rated long-distance moving companies in our industry.

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