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Long Distance  Cross Country Moving
Long Distance Moving

Our moving team drafts a complete relocation plan and executes the move accordingly to make sure there are no hassles during the moving phase.

Packing - unpacking
Packing & Unpacking

We offer impeccable packing and unpacking services of goods that greatly reduces these chances of damage, using special packing boxes and advanced supplies for this purpose.

Storage Services

Our specialized storage services provide an easy-to-use, flexible solution when you’re faced with moving schedule challenges.

Why Choose LNL Movers ?

Below are a few of the reasons why you can trust us for a comfortable, convenience, and hassle-free moving experience.

Best Rates

Our specialty lies in making no compromise in the service at the most affordable rates.

Vast Experience

We have been serving our valued clients with the most satisfying moving experiences.

Dedicated Staff

Our team has the professional training necessary to provide the best services to our clients.

Damage-Free Move

Our moving experts are trained to handle your belongings with complete care.

An Individual Approach

For every moving job, we draft a unique plan to fit each customers wants and needs.


You will just have to sit back and relax as the whole process will be dealt with utmost care.

Best Cross Country Movers

We love to help people! That is our motivation in life. We charge competitive rates for the work that we do and then, once you agree to use us, we are driven by our commitment to excellence. We want to make you smile when people ask you about our service.

Give us a call today, and together and discuss what you really want from your moving company. Once we understand your needs, then we can come up with a plan specific to your situation.

If your new home isn’t ready at the same time as you leave your old one, we can also provide storage options until your new home is ready!. Trust the professionals to look after everything you own in the right way. It will alleviate all of the stress and hassle. That is the difference you feel when you use LNL Movers for all of your moving needs.

How to find the best long distance moving company near you?

LNL Team

It is that time of your life where you need to move to your new house and start organizing stuff! But is it as quickly done as just said? Maybe not. Hence it is essential to find out packers and movers who will help you out at such times. When you tend to pack some things by yourself without segregating anything, you tend to forget important stuff and keep it here and there. This tends to create confusion and will also misplace some stuff. Also, with an increasing number of houses shifting taking place, there are a lot of packers and movers who can help you out.

However, if you are worried about how to find the best affordable movers, then now you can find some tips on how you can afford the right movers. LNL Cross Country Movers giving one of the most affordable overall price options, is also one of the best movers you can check out! Here are some tips on how you can find the best mover for you, along with checking on how it works.

  1. The duration of the business

    It all comes down to experience. The more the experience that a company has, the more qualified they are to help you move your stuff without any problems. Also, a company that might have just started around the corner will also tend to have much less field experience compared to those that have been in business for too long. However, if this is a simple local move, then you need not worry about the longevity of the business as the new companies will also work just fine. However, for an international or a significant company shift, you will have to check out a good experienced packer and mover who can help you out with the moving.

  2. Make sure the company is licensed and insured

    When selecting a company, it is important to check whether they are licensed movers. For this, you can check out the About Us section on their official webpage, where you can check out all about the company along with their licensing and insurance information. This is important to check as if you select a company without insurance; there is a risk for all your stuff that is being moved.

  3. Services offered by the company

    While for a simple shift, it is easy for any movers to move the stuff without any worry and probably within a day or two, but when you have a lot of things, significantly when you are changing companies or such large-scale shifts, there should be a clear idea of how long it will take for the overall shifting and how much does it cost. It is also essential that you notify the movers about any big stuff, such as a piano or a bathtub or pool table, which must be handled with care so that they could add experts to the list. If you need any other services as well, such as decluttering or estate clean outs, you should make sure that you mention that as well. This eventually adds on to the price list, and hence when you are trying to find some affordable movers, you need to find those movers who will let you get all of these facilities at a decent rate.

  4. Checking out reviews

    Checking out reviews will also help you find out how their customer service works and whether it will work for you as well. You can either find them on google or you can find the review on the website itself, where they will provide the customers’ feedback on a page. Also, make sure that you select those companies that have a 4-star rating and higher. It is usually out of 5, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. When reading the reviews, try to read those reviews where you will get both pros and cons of the company in this way you can evaluate them by reading the reviews. While the 1-star reviewer will mostly provide a lousy review and those who give 5 stars will say it is all good, you might as well read the comments as stated above to actually decide whether they are good or not.

  5. Check out where the services are provided

    Specific packers and movers work only in a given specific area. Hence it is crucial that you ask them whether moving to a particular area will be possible. Also, asking about this will let you know which are the areas that they have been to before. If the company that you have reviewed is a good one, but they are not willing to travel the distance for you, then it might not be the one you have been looking for.

  6. Avoid talking to movers on the phone and finalizing things

    While the selection process is essential, it is also recommended that finalizing things must be done face-to-face. This is because when you talk in person with the movers, you get to talk about all things much more smoothly, and they will also let you in on some other information, which when spoken on the phone there are chances that you can miss out on. You can also get accurate estimations about the shifting prices and will also be able to talk it out with the mover in advance if there is any problem with the same. You can also get to talk about any queries that you have when shifting things from one place to another.
  7. While these were some tips that can help you find the best packers and movers, always remember that the best packer and mover does not exist; the only thing that exists is the best packer and mover for you. While one company can be beneficial for one party, it might not be suitable for another. Hence when you select a packer and mover company, make sure you keep all these tips in mind. You should also not fall for offers that are too cheap just because you have been wanting to keep that budget in place!

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