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Charlotte Cross Country Movers

Are you moving to or from Charlotte, NC? Call LNL Movers in Charlotte today to simplify every part of your move!

Moving Services

Are you looking to move to the most populous city in North Carolina? Maybe you’re planning to move out of Mecklenburg County and settle in another part of the country? Or maybe you’re making a long-distance move between Charlotte and the tropical environs of Hawaii. For students, professionals, families or even retirees – LNL Movers is ready to help you gracefully handle every part of your move so you can focus on the bright future ahead of you.

Long-Distance Moving

With our fleet of privately-owned trucks and a staff full of trained, experienced and committed moving professionals, we’ll help you succeed at every part of your move. And when you need a bit of extra time, we also maintain a network of secure storage facilities to make things even easier for our customers. From coast to coast or just one state over, LNL Movers is your best choice for moving convenience.

Packing & Unpacking

Packing up your belongings is the first step in any move, and for many of our clients, they find it to be the most intimidating. That’s just one more reason you need to contact LNL Movers. Our team of trained moving professionals can either assist in the packing or we can just do it all by ourselves. Everything from the hall closet to the kitchen, bedrooms, garage and everything in between is easy! We also use premium packing materials and we personally train every mover on industry-best standards for packing to protect your items in a safe and efficient manner.

Don’t go buy boxes and tape – just call LNL Movers and let us get to work!


Sometimes, even the best schedules just don’t work out. When you are ready to leave one home but the new residence isn’t ready, all you need to do is call LNL Movers. We can easily store your belongings for a day, a week or even longer in one of our secure, climate-controlled storage facilities. We’ll get your belongings in and out, so you don’t have to worry about additional loading or unloading.

We personally operate each of these facilities, so you can be confident that only a trained member of the LNL Movers team is on the job. Need some extra time? Ask your LNL Movers representative about our secure storage options!

From the West Coast to the South and back – LNL Movers is the only name to trust.

Whether you’re relocating to one of America’s fastest-growing metro areas to attend UNC Charlotte or you’re just decided to become a full-time Charlotte Hornets fan, LNL Movers is the only company you should trust with your home. Our local office in Charlotte is fully staffed and on call, ready to help you enjoy the easiest move you’ve ever experienced. For school, work, retirement or a little of all three, we’re ready to help you focus on your new life as we focus on handling all the details.

Across the country or just a few hours away, LNL Movers is the only mover to call.

Don’t wait to start planning your move! Call LNL Movers and let us begin building your customized moving plan.

Why are we the best?

LNL Movers knows that planning makes all the difference.

Our customized planning and meticulous approach to the moving process is what makes LNL Movers the standout choice when you’re getting ready for your net move. Before clients ever begin packing a box or working on your change of address forms, we work side-by-side to create a customized moving plan that is customized to their situation and fully takes into account their budget, needs and schedule.

We’re so successful because we plan to be successful. We fuss over the details, fret over timelines and work diligently to ensure that there are no surprises, and that every part of your move to or from North Carolina is going to be a success. And – you’re never surprised by the process or the bill, because you know both right up front.

Can you get this level of transparency from another moving company?

We guarantee your delivery date. With that precise moving plan, LNL Movers has a schedule and we work diligently to stick to it.

We guarantee the date your belongings will arrive, making it easier for you to plan all the other parts of cross-country or interstate move. Whether you’re arrive in Charlotte or heading to another part of the county, you can be confident of exactly when your LNL Movers trucks will arrive at your new home.

Safer every step of the way

Safety isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s an absolute priority with LNL Movers. Our customers’ safety, the safety of their belongings and their home (both new and old) are of paramount importance. That’s why each member of our team is fully trained, and it’s also why we use the best materials. When you see that an LNL Movers professional is on the job, you can be confident that the job is going to be done right. From the first box until the very last piece of furniture is set in place, we’ll work to protect you, your home and your family.

We make budget and we stick to it

Many companies hit their clients with hidden fees and surprise expenses at the end of a move, but that never happens with LN Movers. As we create your customized moving plan, we keep your budget in mind so you can be confident of the full cost of the move before it ever begins. We don’t do surprise expenses – and that’s a promise you can count on.

Still open during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything, but it didn’t change how much we care about the comfort and safety of our clients. Whatever your comfort level with masking, distancing or other pandemic-related precautions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your LNL Movers representative and we’ll work those precautions into your moving plan.

Let’s get started on that free quote!

There’s no better time to build a customized moving plan than right now! Just get in touch with your LNL Movers representative and we’ll get you a moving plan that you’ll love.

Got Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at (844) 348-2247 or drop us an email at

Here’s a list of questions our customers ask us often:

What kind of moving insurance do you carry?

LNL Movers carries the industry-standard insurance of $0.60 per pound of coverage. So that means, for example, if an item weighed 100 pounds, it would be insured for $60. If you would prefer to increase the level of coverage, we recommend contacting a third-party insurance company to secure the additional insurance at the level that is most comfortable for you. We will work to make sure you never need the insurance, but we also understand the importance of your peace of mind.

I have to leave my old home, but my new home isn’t available yet. What should I do?

First – talk to your LNL Movers representative. We have a number of options to help you in this situation, from a simple adjustment to the schedule all the way to utilizing one of our secure storage facilities. Part of the benefit of LNL Movers is that we have the capability and the resources to deal easily with the situations, and we’ll find a way to handle this minor inconvenience with no hassle to you.

Can I use LNL Movers even if I prefer to pack my own belongings?

Of course. We want you to be comfortable, and if you prefer to pack your own things, that’s fine by us. First, if you need packing supplies, we have the ability to buy in bulk, so we can potentially save you time and money. Second, please tell your LNL Movers representative about your packing plan so we can work it into your schedule. Either way, we’re here to help, so just let us know!

Will you keep me updated on your status while you’re en route to my new home?

That is up to you. If you would like to hear from us every hour, we can do that. If you would prefer only hear once a day, or even not all, that’s fine by us. Just communicate your preferences to your LNL Movers representative and we’ll do the rest!

About LNL Movers – Charlotte, North Carolina

LNL Movers – Charlotte is your best choice for a full-service moving company when it comes to long-distance moves to or from the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Our nationwide network stretches coast to coast, from the tip of Maine to San Diego and back. From our headquarters in central Texas, LNL Movers has been helping families move effortlessly between homes for years.

We’re one of the highest-rated long-distance moving companies in our industry because every facet of our operation revolves around the principles of professionalism, transparency, and efficiency.

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