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Nashville Cross Country Movers

Are you moving to or from Nashville, Tennessee? Call LNL Movers in Nashville today to make this the easiest move ever!

Moving Services

Are you looking to move to the center of the country music world? Maybe you’re planning to move out of “Music City” and settle in another state? Or maybe you’re planning to leave Tennessee behind and start a new chapter of your life in sunny Hawaii. For whatever you have planned, from school to work or just looking for a great place to call home, LNL Movers is ready to help make the easiest move you’ve ever experienced. Call today to discuss your move with an LNL Movers representative.

Long-Distance Moving

The miles don’t matter when you’re working with LNL movers. We’ve got everything necessary to make any move easy, no matter the distance. We own our own fleet of trucks and we employ a full staff of fully trained, professional movers. As if that weren’t enough, LNL Movers also operates a network of secure, climate-controlled storage facilities just for the convenience of our customers. Don’t worry about the distance – LNL Movers has you covered.

Packing & Unpacking

Packing up your belongings is the first step in any move, and for many of our clients, they find it to be the most intimidating. That’s just one more reason you need to contact LNL Movers. Our team pro movers can either assist you with the packing or if you prefer, we can manage it all by ourselves. Everything from the garage to the backyard, upstairs and downstairs, daily use or deep in storage – it’s no problem! We also use the very best packing materials in the hands of trained pro movers working up to industry-best standards. That’s how we’re able to protect your items in a safe and efficient manner. First you need to call LNL Movers, and then let us handle the rest!

Short- or long-term storage

Schedules can always complicate a move, so when you’re ready to leave one home but the new residence isn’t available on time, call LNL Movers and we’ll provide a solution.

For a day, a week or even longer, our clients can take advantage of our network of secure, climate-controlled storage facilities. We can keep your belongings protected until the new residence is ready, and then we’ll move you in.

We personally operate each of these climate-controlled facilities, so you can be sure that it’s never farmed out to a third-party, and you’ll be confident that the storage units are up the very high LNL Movers’ standard. Ask your LNL Movers representative about secure storage options to buy you some extra time during your move.

From the Pacific Northwest to Davidson County and back – LNL Movers is the only name to trust

Whether you’re relocating to capital of Tennessee to attend Vanderbilt or you’re just decided that it’s time to become a Memphis Grizzlies season ticket holder, LNL Movers is the best choice for executing your move. Our Nashville office is fully staffed and ready to help you make the trek, near or far. As a professional taking on a new role, a student, a retiree or a musician looking for that big break, LNL Movers is going to get you started on the right foot.

Call LNL Movers and focus on starting the next chapter in your life. Call LNL Movers and let’s work together to craft your customized moving plan.

Why are we the best?

LNL Movers knows that planning makes all the difference.

The very first step in taking care of our customers is our customized moving plan. Before even one coffee mug goes into a cardboard box, your LNL Movers representative will sit down with you to craft a complete moving plan. Everything from dates, time, supplies, manpower and a step-by-step plan of your move is considered. Before the process begins, you’ll have a complete picture, and you’ll know the full cost.

We work with you to take into account your budget, schedule and personal preferences so you’ll have a move that fits your needs.

That’s why more people come back to LNL Movers – they love the transparency.

We guarantee your delivery date

So with the detailed moving plan in place, we work to stick to every part – including the schedule.
When it’s time to move into your new home in Nashville, you’ll know exactly when the LNL Movers truck is going to arrive. With so much to do, you should never have to worry about your movers, and that’s why we have the LNL Movers on-time guarantee.

Safety is a must

Safety is an absolute priority for every member of the LNL Movers team. As your belongings arrive in Nashville, or as they’re being loaded from a trip far away from Tennessee, we work to ensure every step is as safe as possible for your home, your belongings and your family. We train our staff up the highest industry standards, and we don’t cut corners when it comes to protective equipment, supplies and tools.

We make budget and we stick to it

With so many less-than-honest movers, people have come to expect hidden fees at the end of a move. Not so with LNL Movers. Before the move begins, you will know the full cost of your move, and when it’s over, that’s the cost you’ll pay.

How do we do it? It’s all part of our comprehensive moving plan. When we build the plan together, you’ll have a transparent look into the costs from Day 1. There’s no hidden fees with LNL Movers, because with our moving plan, there’s nowhere for fees to hide.

Still open during COVID-19

While the world has changed because of the pandemic, we’re still here to deliver the moving services you need. Please reach out to your LNL Movers representative to discuss your preferences for masking, distancing and sanitization during your move. We’re glad to help deliver services at a level that makes you most comfortable.

Let’s start building your free quote right now!

Want to see what LNL Movers can do for you? Then let’s start by creating your customized moving plan. Call us now and let an LNL Movers representative show you how easy it can be.

Got Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us LNL Movers in Nashville or drop us an email at

These are some of the more common questions asked by our customers:

How much insurance do you usually provide?

The usual rate of $0.60 per pound of coverage is the standard insurance used by LNL Movers. For example, if an item weighed 10 pounds, it would be insured for six dollars. Some customers would like to have greater coverage, and we encourage them to contact a third-party insurer in those instances. We want to make sure that we never need to use the insurance, but we also understand the value of peace of mind.

If my new residence isn’t ready when I have to leave the old one, is this a problem?

Not at all! We have a number of options to help you when the scheduling isn’t perfect. Your options range from a simple schedule adjustment to taking advantage of our secure and convenient storage facilities. LNL Movers works hard to offer the capability and resources to manage these minor troubles with ease.

I like to do my own packing. Can I still use LNL Movers?

You bet! We want your move to happen your way. Simply tell your LNL Movers representative about your plans, and we’ll work it into your schedule. And don’t forget – we can help supply you with all the boxes, tape and moving supplies you’ll need, often at a cost much cheaper than other sources. Get in touch and we’ll make sure you have what you need!

How do you keep me updated while you’re driving to my new home?

What’s your preference? We can text, call or email as often or as infrequently as you’d prefer. You just let us know what you’d like, and we’ll make sure that you’re always kept in the loop.

About LNL Movers – Nashville, Tennessee

LNL Movers – Nashville is the ideal choice for moves long or short, to or from the Nashville, Tennessee area. Our network of professionals reaches from east to west and north to south, from Niagara Falls to El Paso, Texas. From our headquarters in central Texas, LNL Movers has been helping families move effortlessly between homes for years.

Our commitment to planning, safety and customer satisfaction is evidence-proven in our consistently high ratings and client retention.

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